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 What would the Founders say to
America today?

Author Steven Rabb tackles this question with a full-throated defense of America’s founding principles in his new release, The Founders’ Speech to a Nation in Crisis.

Atlanta, GA/January 5, 2021 – THE FOUNDERS’ SPEECH TO A NATION IN CRISIS: What Would The Founding Fathers Say To America Today (ISBN 13: 978-1735816425, Liberty For All Publishers) by Steven Rabb has been released for worldwide distribution.  This masterfully written book describes how our founding fathers would view our nation today and what they would say to it in one speech using their own words.  THE FOUNDERS’ SPEECH TO A NATION IN CRISIS is a timely book for the polarized and chaotic times that we are living in.  The book is available in hardback, paperback, Kindle, and audio versions.  It has already achieved Amazon bestseller status and earned almost 1000 five-star reviews.

THE FOUNDERS’ SPEECH TO A NATION IN CRISISaddresses some of the most critical issues that our nation is facing daily:  Among the issues it tackles are:

  • The danger of cancel culture 
  • The need and rationale of the First Amendment
  • The Second Amendment and why it is so vital
  • The dangers of mobs and mob rule
  • The need for law and order and support of our law enforcement
  • The dangers of runaway debt
  • The danger of an out-of-control central government

“We are living in the most divisive period of time since the Civil War,” said Steven Rabb.  “The very foundations of our nation are under attack.  Who better to address this crisis, then the founders themselves?  This is why I wrote THE FOUNDERS’ SPEECH TO A NATION IN CRISIS. 

“Our founders created a nation unlike any in the world,” concluded Rabb.  “The dangers they warned about over 200 years ago are still prevalent today. Their words still resonate and are needed now more than ever before if we are to survive as a nation.”

As one reviewer stated. “This book had me in tears, just in the prologue!”

The Founders’ Speech to a Nation in Crisis is available at all major online book retailers. 

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